5 reasons why your customers don't visit you (and how guides them to your door)

There are five barriers that stop potential customers making the move from your webpage to your front door — with an unwelcome impact on customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

  • They get lost (aka the last mile)
  • They can't see you
  • They don't know how to reach you
  • They have accessibility worries
  • Your website is hard to read on their phone.

However, offers a web-based solution that makes it easier for people to find you.


1. The last mile

It's well-known that it is usually the "last mile" that causes problems: this is where people get lost, because the information they need is missing; postcode-based Sat Nav abandons you in the middle of nowhere, announcing "you have arrived at your destination"; your paper map is just not as detailed as it needs to be.

By providing accurate, detailed location data — literally to the front door — solves this "last mile" problem for both the location owner and visitor.


2. They can't see you

Most people think visually. They like to know what you and your premises look like. But in today's world, they also expect quick access to your website. makes it easy to do both — on a single, easy-to-understand web page.


3. Insufficient data

Knowing exactly where you are is important (which is why we use accurate latitude and longitude references rather than imprecise postcodes), but it is not enough on its own. Your customers also need supplementary information such as rail, taxi, and hotel contact numbers. provides all this and more.


4. Accessibility worries

Ten percent of the population have a disability of some sort. It is often important to know about ramps, accessible toilets, signage, access to a premises, and many other details.

It has traditionally been difficult and expensive to prepare this information — and it is often frustrating for people trying to get the accessibility information they need. has a unique method of collating and communicating accessibility guides.


5. "If you're not on my phone, you don't exist"

In the past, web-based maps have not looked good on tablets or mobile phones — and they are not easy to print. provide small-screen- and printer-friendly information.

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